When practicing yoga, we should keep few things in mind, to let our yoga regime become more meaningful.

These health guidelines will help you with a fruitful yoga regime.

  • Always practice yoga in the mornings or evenings preferably in the mornings.
  • It should be always done on empty stomach, however if done in evening its is advisable that there should be a gap of atleast 3-4hrs between your practice and your last meal.
  • Incase if you have prior history of any kind of injury,illness or back problem then it is advisable to consult your doctor before starting yoga.
  • Yoga should be done in a peaceful and quiet place having good ventilation and no distraction of people or any noises of electronic devices. Can be done in room, empty space or in your garden.
  • Please ensure to be barefoot and wear comfortable clothing like t-shirts, cotton pants, yoga pants or leggings, shorts which allow you maximum body movement, your hair tied up to avoid distraction between your exercises.
  • It is always necessary to do yoga on a plain surface on a yoga mat or jute mats which helps give a good grip and non-friction during standing or bending postures.
  •  One should practice yoga everyday and each yoga session should be atleast for 25-30 minutes maximum upto 60 minutes which should include bending,sitting,standing exercises alongwith atleast 15 minutes of breathing exercises and meditation for relaxation.
  • Always start yoga sitting in easy (sukhasana) pose keeping your back straight, shoulders down and face upright, do deep breathing for 3-4 breaths followed by some warm-up sequence to make your body familiar with the exercises and minimize the chances of any injury or jerk during exercises.
  •  Repeat each posture atleast 2-3 times and gradually increase this once your body gets used to these postures
  • Discontinue any exercise which causes you pain or any discomfort also make sure that you do not force yourself to any posture as this will lead to injury, everyday practice will loosen your muscles and flexibility and you will be able to easily practice those postures naturally.
  • At any time do not overdo any of the exercises alone that is only forward bending, only back bending, only sitting or standing asanas, always practice combination of all these postures as this will help tone your entire body and does not stress any particular part more, thus increasing the flexibility and strengthening of the muscles.
  • Remember to do equal number of poses on each side of your body i.e left bending and right bending poses, back bending and front bending poses to help give equal strengthening to both side of the body.