Yoga Postures

There are various types of asanas for treating various ailments in the body or you may say to strengthen various parts of our body. These are mainly divided into sitting, standing, reclining, inverted, twisted, back bend, forward bend and balancing postures.

Each type of above posture works for specific parts of the body and help better organ functioning. It is always advisable to start your yoga session with sitting postures and end with reclining postures and in between the two the rest of the types can be practiced. This is done so that we do not suddenly stretch our-self at the beginning itself and get tired, also most of warm up postures are sitting postures. Further, keep the reclining postures at the end as they are more relaxing and help regain energy that is put in through out the yoga session.

Sitting Postures– Seated postures are usually done at the beginning of the session as warm -up postures. They are mainly helpful for lower back and increasing flexibility and blood circulation in the body.

Standing Postures– Standing postures help in increasing overall flexibility of the body. They also help in blood circulation and strengthening the muscles. These poses are very useful for balancing and strengthening the legs, improving your metabolism problems and back pains and body posture enhancement. Beneficial even for stretching back and hamstrings.

Reclining Postures– Reclining poses are more stress releasing poses. They calm the body and mind. Also beneficial in strengthening the back, abdomen, legs and arms. It opens up the chest and improves breathing.

Twisted Postures– Twisted poses have more to do with flexibility of the spine and upper body. Most of the twisted poses are helpful in curing abdomen problems related to digestion and metabolism. Also helpful in the flexibility and reduction of fat around the abdomen.

Inverted Postures– Inverted poses are more advanced poses and performed by an experienced practitioner. Mainly useful for improving blood circulation in the brain, heart and rest of the body. Improves concentration and rejuvenates the body.

Forward bend Postures– Forward bend poses are helpful for treating digestion and strengthening the abdomen. It helps stretch the lower back and hamstrings. Also helpful for fat burn around the stomach.

Back bend Postures– Back bend poses help in strengthening the back and increasing its flexibility. Strengthens the legs and opens up the chest thus help improving our breathing.

Balancing Postures– Balancing postures help strengthen the muscles of legs and arms, shoulders. Help control over the body and also increases stamina.

In yoga all these poses are important as each of different poses benefits atleast 2-3 parts of the body at the same time. Yoga is must for well being and for fitness. It not only tones and strengthens your body but also keeps you away from many kind of illness.

For everyone’s convenience we have grouped yoga poses for specific type of fitness regime.