Yoga poses for weight loss & better metabolism

 1. Wind removing Pose ( Pavan Muktasana )

Wind removing pose

Steps:- Lie down flat on your back with legs straight and feet joined together. Inhale bending your both legs into the chest so that the thighs touch your tummy. Hold the legs in this position by hugging them with your hands and clasping the fingers of the hands. Exhaling lift your head to touch the knee with your nose tip. Be sure to keep your shoulders and back (tailbone) straight and flat pressing to the ground and do not lift them. Breathe slowly and deeply and concentrate on your breathing noticing the belly touching the thighs each time you inhale. Hold the pose for 40-50 seconds. Exhale to release the pose by releasing the hands and bringing the legs back to the ground. Repeat for 3-4 times.

Core benefit:- Improves digestion. Cures problems related to constipation, acidity, gases. Reduces excess fat deposits around the waist and belly. One of the best yoga pose for flat stomach.

Other benefits:- Tones abdominal organs. Strengthens the back muscles and relieves lower back pain. Therapeutic applications:- cures gastro related problems, menstrual problems. Strengthens the reproductive organs.

2. Boat Pose ( Naukasana )

Boat pose

Steps:- Lie down straight on your back keeping your hands by your sides with palms facing down, legs straight and feet together. Inhale and slowly raise your legs few inches above the ground without bending the knees. Simultaneously lift your head, upper body and arms keeping your back straight and not curved and shoulders relaxed and back. Focus straight at a distant object to help maintain the balance. Lift your legs and upper body as above from ground as possibly comfortable , putting the weight of the entire body on your sitting bones. The arms should be straight and parallel to the ground with palms facing down. Breathing normally through the nostrils, hold the pose for 10-20 seconds. To release, exhaling lower your legs and rest your back on the ground. Repeat for 3-4 times.

Core benefit:-  Tones and strengthens the abdominal muscles. Reduces belly fat. Improves digestion process.

Other benefits:- Stretches and strengthens the thighs, legs, spine and neck. Stimulates functioning of kidneys, lungs and liver, prostate gland and thyroid gland.

3. Diamond Pose/Thunderbolt pose ( Vajrasana )

Diamond /thunderbolt pose

Steps:- Start by sitting on your heels, both knees,legs touching each other. Rest your buttocks on your heels. Your both heels should be touching the sides of hip and pointing outwards, both toes should touch each other. Rest your both hands on respective knees with palms facing down. Keep your head straight and spine erect and shoulders relaxed. Close your eyes and start breathing slowly and smoothly. Concentrate on your breathing. You can sit in this pose for 5-10 minutes depending on how comfortable you feel. You can sit maximum upto 15 minutes. To release bring your legs in front and massage the calves and thighs with the hands to release any numbness.

Please Note:-This is the only yoga pose which can be done after your meals. This pose is also beneficial for meditation.

Core benefit:- This pose aides digestion. It relieves problems like constipation, gas, acidity etc.

Other benefits:- Increases blood circulation in the abdominal region. Improves metabolism. Relaxes the mind. Strengthens the ankles, knees, thighs and lower back. Improves body posture. Beneficial for arthritis patients.

4. Half Plough Pose ( Ardha Halasana )

Steps:- Lie down straight on the yoga mat. Bring the legs together and arms by your side with palms facing down. Rest your back flat on the mat. Now inhale and lift your both legs up towards the ceiling, stretching them straight without bending the knees. The legs should be perpendicular to the floor. Hold the pose for 20-30 seconds. Exhale and bring the legs down to rest on the floor. Repeat for 3-4 times. Incase if one find’s it difficult to raise both legs together then you can raise one leg at a time.

Core benefit:- Reduces belly fat and tones the muscles of the abdomen. Helpful for lower abs. Aides proper functioning of the digestive system.

Other benefits:- Tones the muscles of thigh and hips. Cures problems related to indigestion, gas, constipation. Relieves menstrual pain/problems. Beneficial for curing lumbar spondylitis and arthritis.

5. Cycling Pose ( Dvichakrikasana )

Steps:- Lie down straight on your back. Hands by your sides with palms facing down to the mat. Your shoulders and back should be flat to the ground. Now take a deep breath and bend both knees and bring the ankles close to the hips. Starting with right leg first while the left is still bent, rotate the right leg in forward direction moving in circular motion just like you paddle a cycle. Once you complete one round of rotation of right leg then repeat same with left leg. This process has to be done in a continuous manner just as you keep paddling the cycle continuously. If you feel exhausted then lie down in savasana (corpse pose)Keep a count on the number of rotations and then repeat the same number of rotations in anticlockwise direction as if you are back paddling. A minimum of 10-15 rotations is good and can be increased as per your capacity.

Please Note- Incase if you suffer from back pain then rotate one leg at a time keeping the other leg straight on the mat. This will relieve back pain.

Core benefit:- One of the best and easy pose for fast weight loss. Reduces belly fat fast and tones the abdominal organs and the thigh muscles. Helps in shaping the tummy.

Other benefits:- Improves digestion and cures constipation,gases. Stimulates the intestinal organs.

6. Single/Double leg circle ( Padvritasana )

Steps:- Lie down on your back keeping hands by your sides with palms facing down and legs straight and together. Keep your back and shoulders flat to the ground. Now inhale and lift your right leg up without bending the knee and start rotating it in circular motion in clockwise direction. While doing so do not let the leg touch the ground. After you have completed 5-10 rounds of rotation then rotate the same leg in anti-clockwise motion for the same number of rounds as done clockwise. Breathe normally and smoothly. Repeat same with left leg. After you have done this with individual legs then repeat the same rotation in clockwise and anticlockwise by joining both legs and lifting them up together and rotating it first for 5-10 rounds of clockwise and then 5-10 rounds of anticlockwise. Exhale and relax in savasana (corpse pose).

Core benefit:- Best pose to shed all the unwanted fat around your stomach,thighs and hips. Improves flexibility of the legs and hips.

Other benefits:- Tones the abdominal organs. Gives firmness to the stomach.

7. Half spine twist ( Vakrasana )

Steps:- Sit on the mat with your legs together and stretched straight in front of you. Shoulders relaxed and back to be erect. Keeping the left leg straight, bend the right leg laying the foot flat on the mat and placed next to the left knee. Take your left arm and passing it in between of your right knee and stomach , place the left palm on the mat just next to the outer side of the right foot. Twist your upper body and head to the right side, place your right hand flat on the mat behind your back. Breathe normally and stay in the pose for 20-30 seconds. To release the pose,  exhale and return to initial posture. Repeat same with other leg and other direction accordingly.

Core benefit:- Reduces excess fat deposition around the belly and waistline. Gives flexibility to the spine and muscles.

Other benefits:- Helpful to cure ailments related to kidney and digestion. Strengthens the spinal cord. Controls diabetes.