Yoga poses for glowing skin

Who would not want an ageless glowing skin which stays young and radiant? We bring to you 7 yoga poses which will help you give your face that spark and glow at home. So avoid going to the salon for facial treatments and save yourself from damaging your skin.

1Standing forward bend pose ( Uttanasana )          

Standing forward bend pose          

Steps:- Stand in an erect posture. Inhale while raising your hands straight above your head. Without bending your knees and keeping your back straight exhale and bend down forward from your waist so that your head touches your knees and your hands should touch your ankles or the yoga mat on either side of the legs. Remain in that pose for few seconds. Now slowly inhaling raise your hands and come back to the erect posture. Exhale and bring your hands down.

Core benefit:- This pose increases the blood circulation in the face and brain also preventing hair loss. Energizes the nervous system.

Other benefits:- It stretches the spine and provides flexibility to the back. Improves the digestive system and also helps in relieving menstrual symptoms.

2. Shoulder Stand Pose ( Sarvangasana )

Shoulderstand pose

Steps:- Lie down in a relaxed posture with your hands besides on the mat and palms facing the mat. Join both your legs. Now lift your legs upwards straight to 90 degree without bending the knees. With the support of your hands now lift your torso and back straight away from the mat to get it inline with your legs and let your weight be balanced by your shoulders. Your back should be perpendicular to the floor. Head flat on the mat and chin touching the chest Breathe normally. Stay in this pose for 2-3 minutes. Now slowly release from the pose by first getting your back and hip down to the floor and then your legs straight down on the mat and relax.

Core benefit:- One of the best pose for giving you a glowing skin and reducing dark circles. Since this is an inversion pose it improves the blood circulation in the entire body and brain, nourishing the skin.

Other benefits:- Improves the digestive system and helps is weight loss. Helps cure sleeping disorders and headaches. Tones the abdominal organs and cures thyroid related problems. Improves functioning of the sex organs.

3. Headstand Pose (Shirshasana)

Headstand pose

Steps:- Sit on the mat in a kneeling position. Let your forearms rest on the mat with your elbows at shoulder width apart. Interlace your fingers and let the pinky finger ( smallest finger ) be brought in so that it does not get hurt while doing the pose. Now bend forward placing the crown of your head on the mat and in between the hands so that the back of the head touches your fingers. Now slowly lift your hips and walk in your legs towards the hands giving your hamstrings a stretch ( Inverted V/dolphin pose). Slowly get your hips inline & above your shoulders so that your weight is on the forearms and keep the spine erect. Now use your core muscles and strength and bend your knees and lift the legs up from the mat. Do this one by one leg. Once the legs are up straighten your knees and join the legs and stretch straight up so that you are toes are pointing the ceiling. In the beginning practice this pose for 20-30 seconds and gradually increase the duration to maximum of 10 minutes. Remember that your weight should be on your arms and elbows and not on your head.

Important:- Practice this pose in supervision of a yoga instructor/companion to hold you. In beginning practice this pose with help of a wall.

Core benefit:- Increases the blood circulation in the brain and face. Gives immediate glow to your face and improve skin health reversing your age.

Other benefits:- Known as the king of all poses has multiple benefits. Improves the concentration power and memory. Helps calm the mind and provide mental balance. Cures headaches and insomnia related problems. Improves digestion. Helpful to cure liver diseases, infertility, digestion issues and varicose veins, thyroid problems. Improves the health of pituitary glands and pineal glands.

4. Control of breath  ( Pranayama )

Pranayama is nothing but breathing exercises. Controlling how one breathes is the best exercise for healthy skin and organs as this helps the oxygen supply to your body parts and brain. A simple pranayama exercise can be done as below. More variants of pranayama will be covered in the detailed section on Pranayama.

Steps:- Sit in cross legged position on a mat/ in  easy pose. Your hands should be on your sides or resting on your knees. Face straight and spine erect and relaxed without any tension in the back. Shoulders to be relaxed. Mouth closed. Now close your eyes and focus on your breathing, inhale with your nostrils taking a deep breath slowly and smoothly and as you do so your abdomen will expand then the ribs, lungs expand and the chest will open. Hold your breath here for 2-3sec depending on your comfort level. Do not move/raise your shoulders while inhaling. Now slowly and smoothly exhale through your nostrils leading to contraction of the ribs then the lungs and finally the abdomen. The process of inhalation will be little longer than the process of exhalation. Repeat this for 5 minutes.

Core benefit:- Improves oxygen supply to all parts in the body thus enhancing the functionality of all organs which in turn purifies the blood vessels and makes your skin feel fresh and wrinkle free.

Other benefits:- promotes weight loss, reduces stress and curbs mental illness, improves the respiratory system of the body, also said to increase life expectancy as breathing is controlled and organs are healthy due to same.

5. Plough Pose ( Halasana )

Plough pose

Steps:- Lie down in a relaxed posture with your hands besides on the mat and palms facing the mat. Join both your legs. Now lift your legs upwards straight to 90 degree without bending the knees. With the support of your hands now lift your torso and back straight away from the mat and your legs over and behind your head and let your weight be balanced by the blades of your shoulders. At this stage you can bring the hands closer and interlock the fingers to help keep your balance. Your toes should be touching the ground. Your back should be perpendicular to the floor. Head flat on the mat and chin touching the chest. Breathe normally and hold the pose for atleast 2-4 minutes. Exhale and roll out of the posture with your hands supporting the back and bringing it on the floor and then the let the legs come back to its position.

Core benefit:- Increases blood circulation in the brain and face giving a radiant glow to the face. Helps flexibility and strengthening of the spine, improves the digestive system.

Other benefits:- Relieves stress and fatigue, helpful for diabetic patients, cures symptoms related to menopause, infertility and gastric issues. Helps in increasing height. Stimulates the thyroid gland. Therapeutic use: backache, headache, insomnia.

6. Bow Pose ( Dhanurasana )

Bow pose

Steps:- Lie down on your stomach with hands by your sides and palms facing the ceiling. Bend your both knees,  bringing your feet closer to your buttocks. Hold both ankles with your hands. Inhale and slowly raise your chin, head , chest and simultaneously try raising your legs with the help of your grip on the ankles. Let your body weight be now centered on your abdomen. Your body will now look like a bow as you arch your back. Breathing normally hold this position for 10-20 seconds. Exhale and get your self back to initial posture by lowering your head and bringing your legs down. Lie down for few minutes and relax.

Core benefit:- Helps strengthen the abdomen muscles and improve digestion, improves blood circulation which in turn cleanses the body within to give your face a radiant glow. helps in weight loss.

Other benefits:- Stress reliever, gives flexibility & strength to the back. Opens the chest, shoulder and neck. Gives a stretch to thigh, arm muscles. Improves functioning of liver, kidney and pancreas. Stimulates the reproductive organ. Therapeutic use: asthma, headache, constipation, releases discomfort during menstrual cycle, pain in back, spondylitis.

7. Fish Pose ( Matsyasana )

Fish pose

Steps:- Lie down on your back with hands by your side and palms facing the mat. Legs to be kept straight and feet together. Now place your hands beneath your hips and palms should be facing down. Now breathing in, take the support of the forearms and elbows and try lifting your chest and head up. Lower your head back so the crown of the head touches the mat but do not put weight on your head, the chest being up your back will arch. Your weight should be balanced on your forearms, elbows and hips. Legs pressing against the ground. Hold the pose for 5-10 seconds  and breathe normally. Release the pose on exhalation. While releasing lift your head back in front, lower the chest and bring your hands by your sides.

Core benefit:- One of the best asana for stimulating the respiratory organs and improving breathing. Since it opens up the chest the breathing gets better and deeper. This promotes blood flow and oxygen in the body and specially in the face and brain since the head is inverted.

Other benefits:- Stretches the neck, back and abdomen. Stimulates the thyroid and para thyroid glands. Removes gases from stomach. Improves body posture and also tones the neck. Helps burn belly fat. Therapeutic use: Cures problems related with respiratory system like asthma. Helps curing constipation, minor back pain, tension in neck.