Oh so sweet Jaggery !!!

Sweets in any form are always welcome. Many of us can’t just stay away from sweets, but ever wondered about a  sweet that has health benefits?? You heard me right there is one such sweet that has many health benefits and that is “Jaggery”. Made from the concentrates of sugar cane and palm tree, this food consumed by many Asians in their day to day meals has many good reasons for consuming it. Including it in our daily diet will help boost our immunity system, purify the blood. It is also good to give children small piece of jaggery everyday in the morning to increase the iron in their body. Jaggery also gives a boost to your stamina and energy level as it gets absorbed quickly and acts as good carbohydrates for body. Its always good to eat jaggery in winters as it helps keeps maintain the body temperature and  keep you warm and make your bones healthy.Jaggery

Many people eat a small piece of jaggery after their meals as it acts as a digestive therapy and improves the digestion system. It can also be replaced by sugar in your cup of tea. Although the appearance of jaggery may not look good to you but believe me it is sweet and healthy and more of a pure form than sugar. The colour may vary from a goldinish to brownish but always advisable to buy the goldinish yellow one as it is supposed to be more pure. Once you are used to the taste you can start replacing sugar with jaggery in your daily diet and stay fit with this sweet.