History of Yoga

What is Yoga?

“Yoga” derived from the Sanskrit word (Yuj) meaning to unite. This is a combination of physical practice and mental state of a person where your mind,body and soul unites. Yoga helps to cleanse your mind from stress, pain within your body and purifies the spiritual soul inside you. The origin of yoga has been found to date back to Indian pre-Vedic era and has been practiced since then by many and has very conveniently diversified through different cultures and found its place in the modern world due to its immense benefits and positive results. Patanjali one of the great Indian scholars described yoga and its philosophy and compiled earlier texts of same in his “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali”. Many people interpret yoga differently for some its way of finding your spiritual soul, for some it is the exercise for the healthy body and for some it is that magical state of mind, body and soul which helps you to find yourself and control the three.  Yoga has been practiced by many people in the modern world and has diversified in its forms and types. Since it originated in India, the postures/asanas are named in Sanskrit and translated.

Yoga is not restricted to your age, infact one can envisage it as increasing one’s age with a healthy body and mind. During the years there have been many variations in form of yoga. One can learn or begin practicing yoga at home even with the basic knowledge of yoga.