Ashtanga Yoga

What is Ashtanga Yoga?

Ashtanga Yoga is a traditional and dynamic form of yoga that follows the eight-limbed path outlined in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. This practice places a strong emphasis on a specific sequence of postures, synchronized with breath, to create a continuous and meditative flow.

Ashtanga Yoga


Eight Limbs: Ashtanga Yoga follows the eightfold path of Patanjali, including ethical guidelines (yamas and niyamas), physical postures (asanas), breath control (pranayama), sense withdrawal (pratyahara), concentration (dharana), meditation (dhyana), and spiritual absorption (samadhi).

Vinyasa: The practice is characterized by the synchronization of breath and movement, known as vinyasa. Each movement is linked to a specific breath, creating a seamless and flowing sequence.

Specific Series: Ashtanga consists of a set sequence of poses divided into primary, intermediate, and advanced series. The practitioner progresses through these series as proficiency is gained in each.


Physical Strength and Flexibility: The repetitive nature of the practice builds strength and flexibility, particularly in the core and upper body.

Mental Focus: The combination of breath, movement, and drishti (gaze) promotes mental concentration and a meditative state, cultivating mindfulness throughout the practice.

Purification: The heat generated by the continuous flow of postures is believed to purify the body through sweat, aiding in the elimination of toxins.

Discipline and Commitment:

Ashtanga Yoga is known for its disciplined approach. Practitioners are encouraged to maintain a consistent practice, often committing to a set sequence and practicing six days a week.

Mysore Style:

A unique aspect of Ashtanga is the “Mysore style,” where practitioners progress through the series at their own pace, receiving individualized guidance and adjustments from the teacher.


While Ashtanga has a structured sequence, modifications and variations exist, making it adaptable for individuals of different abilities. The practice is designed to meet the practitioner where they are in their journey.


Rooted in classical yoga philosophy, Ashtanga Yoga not only focuses on physical postures but also integrates ethical and spiritual principles, guiding practitioners toward a holistic approach to well-being.

Ashtanga Yoga is a rigorous and transformative practice that combines breath, movement, and philosophy to cultivate physical strength, mental focus, and a deep sense of discipline on the journey toward self-realization.