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Hello Yogi, welcome to Yoga home workout. I am Nicole and am here to help you know and learn all about Yoga. Myself a yoga lover and I love to talk and share the knowledge about yoga.

When young, I always was among the ignorant one when it came to health and physical fitness. Never exercised and never followed diet plan. This all changed when one day I realized that I was losing all my charm even in the sexiest of the dresses that I wore. I looked dull and with no right curves no sights of flexible body. At an age where I witnessed all my friends were of the same age looked so active and had an awesome flexible body, I was right there doing nothing about it.

And so it all starts like this……

I didn’t wanted to join a gym because I knew that this would just burn my calories and get me into shape and increase my stamina. But what about the other aspects of being healthy?? Oh did you just ask which one’s, well what about something that relaxes you and your mind after a hectic day at work, makes your body feel flexible, tones your body and strengthens each bone and muscle in your body , makes you feel young to the extent that even when you breathe you feel the difference about how it was before. All in all something where you don’t have to think twice before eating anything and leaving you feel guilty about it the next day.

So having all these thoughts in my mind, one day I decided to join a yoga course just to try and see if this is what will answer my questions. The sessions were fun, we learnt new Aasans (poses) everyday. The session included different Aasans and meditation and the ancient history about it’s evolution. After few weeks of yoga sessions I realized that this was the only thing that would keep me healthy at all age “Yoga”. I started feeling healthy within, felt more active, the meditation relaxed my mind and body, got the right curves and flexibility that I wanted. It was all great to the extent that it even started showing on my face and I looked a little younger because yoga will even balance your blood circulation levels making it flow in the right amount from your head to toe rejuvenating your skin making it feel fresh and glowy.

We all have a busy life and inspite of not getting the time to concentrate on the health quotient you still want to do something that can keep you healthy even by staying at home, rather something that you can do sitting at home. So her I am  your messiah to get good health by staying at home.

With my website I want to help all you yogis to learn different yoga postures, benefits and tips to keep your health bars up and in return you can share the difference after trying out yoga at home.

Love to hear from you and ready to help you always with your yoga routine.

Best of Luck. Be healthy and think healthy.




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