Yoga Postures

There are various types of asanas for treating various ailments in the body or you may say to strengthen various parts of our body. These are mainly divided into sitting, standing, reclining, inverted, twisted, back bend, forward bend and balancing postures. Each type of above posture works for specific parts of the body and help […]

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Warm-up Yoga poses

Easy Pose Sit on the yoga mat with your legs crossed, feet touching under your knee, shoulders down and with straight back. If you are feeling uncomfortable then you may use a thin cushion or blanket to sit on and support your tailbone, resting your hands on the knees. Close your eyes and take few deep […]

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Oh so sweet Jaggery !!!

Sweets in any form are always welcome. Many of us can’t just stay away from sweets, but ever wondered about a  sweet that has health benefits?? You heard me right there is one such sweet that has many health benefits and that is “Jaggery”. Made from the concentrates of sugar cane and palm tree, this […]

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History of Yoga

What is Yoga? “Yoga” derived from the Sanskrit word (Yuj) meaning to unite. This is a combination of physical practice and mental state of a person where your mind,body and soul unites. Yoga helps to cleanse your mind from stress, pain within your body and purifies the spiritual soul inside you. The origin of yoga has […]

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Yoga at Home

Yoga is not just any other way of losing fat or becoming flexible, it is much more than this. Regular yoga sessions will relax your mind and body, rejuvenate you, help you de-stress. It will also help improve your blood circulation and improve your breathing. You will learn more benefits as you go further in the yoga routine.

But How ???

We will help you take your first baby steps towards yoga. A well defined and explained guide on how to begin your yoga regime and the importance of yoga in your day to day life. Through illustrations and videos we will help you learn step by step process of yoga which you can practice at home. Once learning, you will slowly witness the changes within you and the improvements in your lifestyle. Remember yoga will not only tone your body but also improve and strengthen your internal body parts to keep you fit and running making you healthy inside out.

A lot more will be coming in this space just for you. Stay connected

Happy Yoga 🙂